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Hunting & Fishing

We offer hunting and fishing information and participation. Many of our members are seasoned hunters and will happily share their knowledge with you. This includes how and where to obtain the correct permits from the State which are mandatory.

Learn the basics of hunting, fishing and camping with our enthusiastic members. 

Club Trophy Shoots

All sportsmen and firearms enthusiasts have their skills honed and tested by competition. To this end the Highland Park Sportsmen's Club offers the following trophy shoots:

• Skeet & Trap

• Sporting Clays

• Small Bore Rifle (50 yrds: .22lr and similar calibers)

• Big Bore Rifle (100 yrds: .30 caliber and up)

• Pistol (25 yrds: all calibers welcome)

Trophies are awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd qualifiers in every category. These are awarded every February at the Annual Highland Park Sportsmen's Club Banquet.


Target Shooting

Target Shooting hones the skills of the marksman. These events are scheduled by the members at meetings. The Club is always open to the suggestion of new locations for these events. Some of the locations include Angeles Shooting Range, located in the beautiful Angeles Crest Park; Burro Canyon, a stunning venue in the heart of the Azusa range; The Firing Line indoor range in Burbank; L.A. Clays for Trap and Skeet; Moore & Moore for Sporting Clays. Come join us, and improve your accuracy!

Fun Shoots

Fun shoots are decided at meetings by concensus of members. These include Club Skeet & Trap Shoots (these vary in venue); Sporting Clays (at Moore & Moore); Rifle Shoots (usually held at Angeles and Burro Canyon ranges); Handgun Shoots (held at various locations including The Firing Line in Burbank); Black Powder Shoots (locations vary); Muzzle Loader Shoots (locations vary). Learn any of these skills by participating in one or more events. Usually participants are expected to bring their own ammunition and firearms. Members are more than willing to share their knowledge of firearm safety, and improving technique and accuracy.

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